Where are the Outlook contacts stored in Windows 10?

Windows 10 drive:UsersAppDataLocalMicrosoftOutlook. Windows 10 drive:UsersRoamingLocalMicrosoftOutlook. Older versions of Windows drive:Documents and SettingsLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook.

How do I find my Outlook Contacts file?

How to Find an Outlook Contacts File

  1. Double-click the “My Computer” icon on the desktop. …
  2. Navigate to the “C:Documents and Settings<user>Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook” directory. …
  3. Locate the file with the “. …
  4. Click the Windows Start button and select “Search.” Enter “*.

Where are Contacts stored on Windows 10?

If you want to see your saved contacts, you can find them at C:Users<username>AppDataLocalCommsUnistoredata.

What is the difference between Contacts and Address Book in Outlook?

However, the Contacts feature is usually a list of external contacts, while the Address Book contains information for people who work in your company. This is a common setup in the business world because the Address Books are stored on an Exchange Server and can be shared with everyone in the company.

What happened to my Address Book in Outlook?

Right click the Contacts folder and choose Properties-> tab Outlook Address Book-> select option Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book. If the above setting without any problems, to verify whether it is caused by the corrupted data file, you can try using the ScanPST tool to repair your Outlook data file.

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Where are my contacts stored on my PC?

Because contacts are stored in the Contacts folder simply as individual . contact files, they’re just another data type in the operating system that can be indexed and searched by Windows Search. Individual contacts can be quickly accessed from the Start menu search text box.

Does Windows 10 have an address book?

The People app is an essential tool for creating and managing contacts. We’ve previously shown you how to import or manually create an address book in Windows 10. … Thankfully, the People app lets you search, edit, and link different contacts to keep it all straight.

Can I access my phone contacts from my computer?

This feature currently works with Android phones only, but it might come to Apple devices as well. … Once enabled, you can see the full list of contacts saved locally in your mobile device or synced to online accounts.

Why can’t I see my contacts in Outlook 365?

Make sure that the Contacts folder is marked as an Outlook Address Book. … To do so right click the Contacts folder and choose Properties-> tab Outlook Address Book-> select option Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book. You should now be able to select Contacts by using the Address Book.

What is a contacts or address book?

An address book or a name and address book is a book or a database used for storing entries called contacts. Each contact entry usually consists of a few standard fields (for example: first name, last name, company name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, fax number, mobile phone number).

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Why is my address book empty in Outlook?

You may notice that your contacts folder is empty. … In this case, your contacts may be in the wrong contacts folder. If this is the case, you cannot access your contacts when you use Microsoft Outlook or another email application.

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