How do I get the Network icon on my desktop Windows 7?

How do I show the network icon on my Taskbar Windows 7?


  1. Right-click the taskbar and select Properties.
  2. Select the Taskbar tab –> Customize under the Notification area.
  3. Click Turn system icons on or off.
  4. Select On from the Behaviors drop-down of the Network icon. Click OK to exit.

Where is the Network icon located?

To view available wireless networks in Windows, click the network icon located on the right side of your Taskbar. Depending on your network connection, the network icon will either appear as a computer monitor and network cable, or as five ascending bars.

How do I fix my network icon in Windows 7?

Method 3: Reset Network

Step 1: Click Windows + R key combination to open the Run dialog box. Step 2: Enter netsh winsock reset and click on Ok to run the command. Step 3: Restart your PC, and the cross mark on the WiFi icon must be gone.

Why is my network icon not showing?

Press the Windows key , type taskbar settings, and press Enter . … On the right side of the Taskbar Settings window, scroll down to the Notification area section, and click the Select which icons appear on the taskbar link. Click the toggle to the On position for the Network icon.

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Why is the wifi icon not showing on my computer?

If the Wi-Fi icon is not showing on your laptop, chances are that the wireless radio is disabled on your device. You can enable it back again by turning on the hard or soft button for the wireless radio. Refer to your PC manual to locate such a button. Also, you can turn on the wireless radio through the BIOS setup.

What is network icon?

This is simple network icon explanation in Windows 7 article, and this icon is useful to give you visual indication of network connection status of your computer that you use to connect to wireless network, wired Ethernet network, dialup or other network connections.

What does the wireless network icon look like?

One way to see the list is to click the Network icon in the Notifications area on the right side of the Windows 10 taskbar; the wireless version looks like radio waves fanning outward. … Click the small upward-pointing arrow on the taskbar, find the Network icon and drag it back out to the Notifications area.

Why is my Wi-Fi not showing up in Windows 10 even if it is enabled?

There might be the possibility that the current version of the network drivers is not compatible with Windows 10 causing some Wi-Fi networks to not appear. … Expand the “Network adapters” option. Find your Wi-Fi adapter, right-click on it and choose the “Update Driver Software…” option.

What does the Wi-Fi icon look like?

The wireless network symbol is quite popular due to the rise of the Wi-Fi network. A wireless symbol represents almost three to four curved lines sitting atop of each other at the same distance. … The symbol looks like the transmission has been sending to space.

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How do I enable icons in Windows 7?

If you are running Windows 7, follow these additional steps:

  1. Click Start , type Customize icons and then click Customize icons on the task bar.
  2. Click Turn system icons on or off, and then set Volume, Network, and Power System to On.
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