Your question: How do I run Ubuntu on my MacBook Air?

Can you put Ubuntu on MacBook Air?

After finish installing, reboot the computer, but you can only boot to Ubuntu, so you need to install rEFInd. … Then, reboot MacBook Air, you can see the rEFInd menu right after you heard the startup sound, and you can boot into both Ubuntu and macOS.

Can you run Linux on a MacBook Air?

You cannot just install Linux to the MacBook Air, you with have to also dual-boot OS X, or as I would suggest, triple-boot OS X, Linux, and Windows. First, boot-camp Windows onto the MacBook by following the boot camp instructions on your Mac.

How do I run Ubuntu on my MacBook?

I hope you understand.

  1. Insert your USB stick in your Mac.
  2. Restart your Mac and hold down the Option Key while it reboots.
  3. When you arrive at the Boot Selection screen, choose “EFI Boot” to select your bootable USB Stick.
  4. Select Install Ubuntu from the Grub boot screen.
  5. Select Your Language and click Continue.

How do I download Ubuntu on my MacBook Air?

2 Answers

  1. Download the refind binary zip on OS X.
  2. Unpack it and run (on OS X)
  3. Use OS X Disk Utility to resize your HFS+ partition. …
  4. Download Ubuntu 14.04 amd64 iso image and write it to a USB flash drive.
  5. Reboot and hold option key after you hear the bell, to start Startup Manager.
  6. Insert USB drive and select it.
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Can you dual boot a Mac?

It’s possible to install two different operating systems and dual-boot your Mac. This means you’ll have both versions of macOS available and you can choose the one that suits you on a day-by-day basis.

How do I install Linux on my MacBook air?

How to Install Linux on a Mac

  1. Switch off your Mac computer.
  2. Plug the bootable Linux USB drive into your Mac.
  3. Turn on your Mac while holding down the Option key. …
  4. Select your USB stick and hit enter. …
  5. Then select Install from the GRUB menu. …
  6. Follow the on-screen installation instructions.

How do I boot Linux on MacBook Air?

Booting the Drive

To actually boot the drive, reboot your Mac and hold down the Option key while it boots. You’ll see the boot options menu appear. Select the connected USB drive. The Mac will boot the Linux system from the connected USB drive.

Is it worth installing Linux on Mac?

Mac OS X is a great operating system, so if you bought a Mac, stay with it. If you really need to have a Linux OS alongside OS X and you know what you’re doing, install it, otherwise get a different, cheaper computer for all your Linux needs.

Can you run Linux on a MacBook Pro?

Yes, there is an option to run Linux temporarily on a Mac through the virtual box but if you’re looking for a permanent solution, you might want to completely replace the present operating system with a Linux distro. To install Linux on a Mac, you’ll need a formatted USB drive with storage up to 8GB.

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Which is better Ubuntu or elementary OS?

Ubuntu offers a more solid, secure system; so if you generally opt for better performance over design, you should go for Ubuntu. Elementary focuses on enhancing visuals and minimizing performance issues; so if you generally opt for better design over better performance, you should go for Elementary OS.

How do I try Linux on aging Mac?

Prepare your USB key to run Ubuntu Linux

  1. Go to the Etcher website.
  2. Download Etcher for macOS.
  3. Install Etcher by double clicking the . dmg file you downloaded.
  4. Launch Etcher.
  5. Select the ubuntu install file known as an Image.
  6. Choose the USB drive you prepared with Select Drive.
  7. Click Flash to start the process.
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