What is fragment in Android with example?

In Android, Fragment is a part of an activity which enable more modular activity design. It will not be wrong if we say a fragment is a kind of sub-activity. It represents a behaviour or a portion of user interface in an Activity.

What is a fragment in Android?

A Fragment represents a reusable portion of your app’s UI. A fragment defines and manages its own layout, has its own lifecycle, and can handle its own input events. Fragments cannot live on their own–they must be hosted by an activity or another fragment.

What is fragment and activity in Android?

Activity is an application component that gives a user interface where the user can interact. The fragment is only part of an activity, it basically contributes its UI to that activity. Activity is not dependent on fragment. Fragment is dependent on activity. It can’t exist independently.

Is a fragment a view Android?

You cannot define fragments as views or viewgroups. Fragments are more than that. The easiest way to visualize fragment is to think of them as chunks of an activity having own xml appearance,own behaviour with own life cycle callbacks.

What are fragment sentences?

Fragments are incomplete sentences. Usually, fragments are pieces of sentences that have become disconnected from the main clause. One of the easiest ways to correct them is to remove the period between the fragment and the main clause. Other kinds of punctuation may be needed for the newly combined sentence.

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What are dialogs in Android?

A dialog is a small window that prompts the user to make a decision or enter additional information. A dialog does not fill the screen and is normally used for modal events that require users to take an action before they can proceed. Dialog Design.

Which is better activity or fragment?

Fragments are very useful part for android , it’s also known as sub activity , you should use fragments because within same memory allocation you can perform different task as for one activity you can make as many fragments of your choice for accomplishment of tasks also we can divide screen in several fragments using …

What are the four types of fragments?

Listed below are different types of sentence fragments, along with examples and corrections.

  • Prepositional Phrase Fragments. …
  • Infinitive Fragments. …
  • -ing Fragments. …
  • Dependent Clauses. …
  • Fragments using subordinate clauses. …
  • Relative pronoun fragments.

How do I know if a fragment is attached?

Use isAdded() to check whether the fragment is attached and then to getResources() from activity.

What is onActivityCreated in Android?

onCreate(Bundle) called to do initial creation of the fragment. onCreateView(LayoutInflater, ViewGroup, Bundle) creates and returns the view hierarchy associated with the fragment. onActivityCreated(Bundle) tells the fragment that its activity has completed its own Activity. onCreate() .

How do I get onActivityResult in fragment?

You should call startActivityForResult(intent,111); . Option 1: If you’re calling startActivityForResult() from the fragment then you should call startActivityForResult() , not getActivity(). startActivityForResult() , as it will result in fragment onActivityResult().

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