What do I do if my Android phone wont turn on?

What do I do if my Android phone won’t turn on?

Troubleshoot with advanced steps

  1. Unplug the cable from the power charger.
  2. Check that your computer is on and connected to a power source.
  3. Connect your phone to your computer’s USB port with the cable that came with your phone.
  4. Wait 10–15 minutes.
  5. Disconnect and reconnect the cable from your phone within 10 seconds.

How do I force an Android phone to start?

All you need to do is press and hold the power button for at least 20-30 seconds. It’s going to feel like a long time, but keep holding it until the device powers off. Samsung devices have a slightly quicker method. Press and hold the volume down key and the power/side key for seven seconds.

Why is my Android screen black and wont turn on?

Plug in phone, wait five minutes, and then try to do a Force Restart. This ensure the phone has enough power to restart, and restarting could clear any errors that might be affecting the screen. If possible, remove the battery, wait 30 seconds or more, and then reinstall the battery and start your phone.

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How do I force my phone to turn on?

To force your phone to restart, hold down the volume down and power buttons for 6 to 10 seconds. Step 2. Release the volume down button and switch to the volume up while leaving the power button down once you sense a slight vibration.

What happen if your phone won’t turn on?

Charge the Battery

Try plugging your phone into a charger—if the battery is truly drained, it won’t necessarily light up right away. Try leaving it plugged in for 15 to 30 minutes or so before turning it on. If that doesn’t work, you may also have a damaged charger. Try a different cable, power bank, and wall outlet.

How do I force restart my android?

Turn off the phone and then press and hold the Volume Up key and Power key simultaneously until the Android system recover screen appears. Use the Volume Down key to highlight the “wipe data/factory reset” option and then use the Power button to make the selection.

Why is my phone not turning on Samsung?

If the device doesn’t power on or is unresponsive, attempt the following: Press and hold the Power button and Volume button for 30 seconds. Plug the device into a manufacturer-approved wall charger and wait 1 hour. … Disconnect the device from the wall charger, then press and hold the Power button 30 seconds.

How do I restart my Android without the power button?

Method 1. Use Volume and Home Buttons (When Screen is Off)

  1. First, press both the Volume Up and Down buttons on your phone at once for a while. …
  2. When you see the boot menu on the screen, use your Volume Up and Down buttons to select the Reboot system now option to restart your device.
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How do I reset my phone when the screen is black?


  1. Back up your device to Google Drive or your PC.
  2. Open your phone’s settings.
  3. Select system > advanced > reset options.
  4. Select erase all data (factory reset).
  5. Select reset phone. At this point, you may need to enter your PIN, password, or pattern.
  6. Select the erase everything.
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