Is dexcom compatible with Android?

The Dexcom CGM App for Android supports Android Wear Watches and can be used to discreetly view your glucose reading, trend arrow, and trend graph. … Once the Dexcom G5 App is installed on your compatible Android smart device, the CGM watch face will automatically appear in the Android Wear App on your phone.

Can dexcom G6 be used with Android phone?

A variety of iOS and Android smart devices are compatible with the Dexcom G6 app. To view a list of compatible smart devices, visit

Does dexcom follow work on Android?

iOS and Android platforms are compatible for Followers using the Dexcom Follow app. To view a list of compatible devices, visit

Is Android 10 compatible with dexcom G6?

Is the Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system compatible with Android 10? The Dexcom CGM system is compatible with Android 10 with the following settings disabled on your mobile device.

What other apps work with Dexcom G6?

Sugarmate is one of the most popular Dexcom apps, if not the most popular, and for a good reason.

First of all, it’s available on multiple platforms, including:

  • iPhone.
  • iPad.
  • Apple Watch.
  • CarPlay.
  • Web.
  • Mac.
  • Amazon Alexa.
  • Android.
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What works with dexcom?


  • Samsung Galaxy S8.
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+
  • Samsung Galaxy S9.
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • Samsung Galaxy S10.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

How many phones can be connected to dexcom G6?

How many phones can be connected to Dexcom G6? Only one phone can be connected to the sensor. However, using the app, the data can be shared with up to 10 other users.

Which Fitbit works with dexcom G6?

In addition to the Dexcom CGM display for Fitbit Ionic, with Fitbit’s in-app Community, Dexcom CGM users will now be able to connect with millions of people, where they can ask questions, seek support and share successes in managing their health.

Why is dexcom not sharing?

Any problems with the receiver, smart device, Bluetooth, wireless Internet connection, mobile data connection, Dexcom Share Cloud or not being in the communication range could cause data to not be shared with the Follower.

Can you connect dexcom to two phones?

It is possible to use both a smartphone and a receiver to provide CGM data. The smartphone system sends data to the Dexcom server, where that data is made available for reports.

How do I share my Dr with dexcom G6 data?

If your clinic has a Dexcom CLARITY account, add the patient to your patient list, then click Share data to view, print, or email a share invitation. The patient enters the Sharing Code from the invitation in either their personal Dexcom CLARITY account or in their Dexcom CLARITY app.

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Is Dexcom G6 compatible with Samsung S20?

You can now use the Dexcom G6 and Dexcom G5 mobile apps with your Samsung Galaxy S20 (SM-G980/SMG981)! These apps are now compatible with Android OS 10.0. . Always read the label and use only as directed.

Can Dexcom G6 work with iOS 14?

The older G6 widget doesn’t have an update limitation, which is why you won’t experience this delay with the older widget. If you prefer, you can still use the old widget on iOS 14, but you won’t be able to add it to your home screen or move it above the iOS 14 widgets within the Today View.

Is Iphone 7 compatible with Dexcom G6?

— Dexcom shows that a compatible iOS device is supported up to iOS 13.1. . You can check which iOS version you’re on by tapping Settings > General > About. The Software Version is listed near the top.

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