How do I hide WhatsApp media from gallery on Android?

How do I make my WhatsApp Media Private?

You have to select each group or chat to set this option to hide media from Android Phone’s Gallery. To hide media form group or personal chat, open WhatsApp Group chat or Personal chat > Three Dot Menu > View Contact > MediaVisibility > Set No on the pop-up. This will hide the media files from the Android Gallery.

Hide Photos on Samsung Android Phone

  1. Open the Settings, scroll down to Privacy and safety and open Private Mode.
  2. Select how you want to access the private mode. …
  3. Once done, you’ll be able to toggle on or off Private Mode in your gallery and hide your media.

What is .nomedia file in Android?

A NOMEDIA file is a file stored on an Android mobile device, or on an external storage card connected to an Android device. It marks its enclosing folder as having no multimedia data so that the folder will not be scanned and indexed by multimedia players or file browsers’ search function.

Where is WhatsApp media stored in Android?

On Android, media files are automatically saved in your WhatsApp/Media/folder. If you have Internal Storage, the WhatsApp folder is located in your Internal Storage. If you do not have internal storage, the folder will be on your SD Card or External SD Card.

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Why does WhatsApp media disappear?

WhatsApp backs up your messages, images and videos (optionally) on your Google Drive(on an Android smartphone) on a daily basis (frequency can be changed from the Settings). If you have accidentally deleted a photo or a video and wish to recover it, all you need to do is first uninstall the app and then reinstall it.

Can you stop WhatsApp from saving media from a certain group or conversation?

To prevent media files from one chat for Android:

Tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner. Tap “View contact” At the bottom there should be a section called “Media visibility” Choose ‘No’.

How do I protect my WhatsApp from screenshot?

When you enable fingerprint authentication under the Security settings of WhatsApp, the app will show the message that enabling the setting will block screenshots.

How do I stop WhatsApp from saving media Samsung?

From the Settings page, tap on the “Data and Storage Usage” section. In the “Media Auto-Download” section, you’ll see three different options for mobile data, Wi-Fi, and roaming. Go through each section and uncheck the Photos, Audio, Video, and Documents options to disable auto-download.

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