Does Goku fight Android 17?

In the anime, Goku is able to point out who Android 17 is after seeing him take out a group of poachers. … Goku uses his Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Blue form to battle Android 17 in the anime but his Base, Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3 form in the manga. The Galactic Poachers did not appear in the manga.

Can Goku Beat Android 17?

Android 17 proved himself a highly capable warrior by fighting on par with Super Saiyan Blue Goku.

Does Goku fight Android 18?

Android #18 tries to fight him, but is defeated and left for dead. Android 18 comes to Goku’s aid when he is fighting Super 17, the combination of Android 17 and Hell Fighter 17, a clone of her brother, in retaliation to Krillin’s death which Goku was unaware of until she mentioned it.

Can Android 17 giving energy to Goku?

Yes the Androids can still give energy to Goku, but it’s likely the energy isn’t Ki, but their own android energy from their reactors. A Spirit Bomb takes all sorts of energy, including energy from the sun.

Do 17 and 18 still want to kill Goku?

Only to somehow survive and be hospitalized: It’s likely 17 and 18 even let him live. Later he returns and its implied they kept him around as a toy, but 18 who was throwing a temper tantrum wanted to kill him now instead: So in the end, the power difference between the “Future” and Main 17 and 18, likely isn’t true.

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How did Android 18 and Krillin have a baby?

She was human once but Dr.Gero remodeled her and added cybernetics, thus retaining certain human functionality, such as being able to get pregnant. And so she normally did the ‘deed’ with Krillin like normal people. A little Simple harmonic motion resulted in the baby.

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