Best answer: Is there a voicemail app for Android?

YouMail is an award-winning visual voicemail app for iPhone and Android that lets you read your voice messages. You can view the transcription from your phone, tablet, or computer, browsing transcripts in the order you prefer.

Where is the voicemail app on Android?

Easiest option: Open the Phone app > dial pad > press and hold the number 1. If Visual Voicemail is enabled, go to Phone > Visual Voicemail > manage voicemails. You can also use a third-party voicemail app.

What is the best voicemail app for Android?

Here, you are about to find the best voicemail apps that work well on your Android-based smartphones.

  • My Visual Voicemail.
  • InstaVoice.
  • Base Visual Voicemail.
  • YouMail.
  • HulloMail.
  • Google Voice.

Does Android have a voicemail app?

Android voicemail – Android

When you open each logged voicemail, you should see both a Play button (for listening to the message) and transcribed text of the message. If you have an older Android phone or if your service provider doesn’t offer visual voicemail, you can download a third-party app.

How do I set up voicemail app on Android?

Android Voicemail Set Up

  1. Tap the three dots (upper right corner of screen)
  2. Tap “settings”
  3. Tap “voicemail”
  4. Tap “advanced settings”
  5. Tap “setup.
  6. Tap “voicemail number.
  7. Enter your 10-digit phone number and Tap “OK.
  8. Tap the home key to return to the main menu.
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Does Samsung have a voicemail app?

Samsung Voicemail Setup

The Samsung Visual Voicemail app comes pre-installed on Android phones. … Voicemail requires app access to the Phone, SMS and Contacts. Select Continue. Select Allow for SMS Messages, Phone and Contacts.

What is a voicemail number on Samsung?

Call voicemail

To call your voicemail and retrieve messages, follow these steps: … Touch and hold 1 or dial 123 and tap Call, or tap the Voicemail tab to call voicemail.

What is the best free voicemail app for Android?

Whether you use iPhone or Android, Google Voice is the best free visual voicemail app out there today. Google Voice gives you a dedicated, free phone number you can set to ring or not ring on any device you choose.

How can I get voicemails for free?

10 Free voicemail apps for Android & iOS

  1. YouMail.
  2. Visual Voicemail & Missed Call Alerts – InstaVoice.
  3. AT&T Voicemail Viewer.
  4. Google Voice.
  5. HulloMail Voicemail.
  6. Voxist: Visual voicemail you can read.
  7. T-Mobile Visual Voicemail.
  8. Coco.

Is there a voicemail app?

InstaVoice lets you send & receive voicemail and SMS messages through the app. … Although InstaVoice is free to use, customers have to pay per voicemail to have it transcribed using InstaVoice credits that are bought through Google Play.

Can I download a voicemail app?

Is there a voicemail app for Android? Yes – YouMail makes a great free voicemail app that you can download easily in the Google Play Store. Best-of-all, it’s completely free to read, share and manage messages with our mobile app.

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How do I listen to my voicemail?

The easiest way to check your Android voicemail is to open up your phone’s dial pad — the pad you use to enter phone numbers — and hold down the number “1.” If you look closely, it should even have a little icon that looks like a tape recording below it. You’ll be taken immediately to your voicemail inbox.

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