You asked: Who invented the first operating system?

The first operating system sold along with a computer was invented by IBM in 1964 to operate its mainframe computer.

What is the name of first operating system?

The first operating system that resembled the desktop operating systems that we use today was the oN-Line System (NLS), which was developed in the late 1960s at the Stanford Research Institute.

What came before DOS?

The system was initially named “QDOS” (Quick and Dirty Operating System), before being made commercially available as 86-DOS. … Microsoft later required the use of the MS-DOS name, with the exception of the IBM variant. IBM continued to develop their version, PC DOS, for the IBM PC.

How was the first OS created?

The first OS built by Microsoft wasn’t called windows it was called MS-DOS and was built in 1981 by purchasing the 86-dos OS from settle computer products and modifying it to meet IBM’s requiment.

What are the 5 operating system?

Five of the most common operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, Android and Apple’s iOS.

Was Apple or Microsoft first?

Microsoft came first, founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico on April 4, 1975. Apple followed nearly exactly a year later on April 1, 1976 in Cupertino, California.

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