You asked: What does etc stand for Unix?

/etc. Contains system-wide configuration files and system databases; the name stands for et cetera but now a better expansion is editable-text-configurations.

What is etc on Linux?

ETC is a folder which contain all your system configuration files in it. Then why the etc name? “etc” is an English word which means etcetera i.e in layman words it is “and so on”. The naming convention of this folder is having some interesting history.

Where is etc on Linux?

/etc/ is where configuration files and directories are located. /home/ is the default location for users‟ home directories.

What is the use of etc folder in Linux?

The /etc directory contains configuration files, which can generally be edited by hand in a text editor. Note that the /etc/ directory contains system-wide configuration files — user-specific configuration files are located in each user’s home directory.

What is etc file?

What is a ETC file? ETC is a file extensions associated with EarthTime application available for Microsoft Windows. EarthTime can show local time in more than 23000 cities around the world and their respective times zones. ETC files store data used by EarthTime during its running.

What is etc X11?

/etc/X11 is the location for all X11 host-specific configuration. This directory is necessary to allow local control if /usr is mounted read only.

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What is etc passwd Linux?

Traditionally, the /etc/passwd file is used to keep track of every registered user that has access to a system. The /etc/passwd file is a colon-separated file that contains the following information: User name. Encrypted password.

What is TMP Linux?

In Unix and Linux, the global temporary directories are /tmp and /var/tmp. Web browsers periodically write data to the tmp directory during page views and downloads. Typically, /var/tmp is for persistent files (as it may be preserved over reboots), and /tmp is for more temporary files.

What goes in etc?

/etc – Usually contain the configuration files for all the programs that run on your Linux/Unix system. /opt – Third party application packages which does not conform to the standard Linux file hierarchy can be installed here. /srv – Contains data for services provided by the system.

Where is the ETC file?

(The etchosts file usually exists at %windir%system32driversetchosts .) If the directory and file don’t exist, you can create them. Some versions of Windows require that users have admin privileges to create or make changes to this file. You can now add entries to the file.

What is the meaning of in Linux?

In the current directory is a file called “mean.” Use that file. If this is the entire command, the file will be executed. If it’s an argument to another command, that command will use the file. For example: rm -f ./mean.

What is the folder in Linux?

Files and folders on Linux are given names containing the usual components like the letters, numbers, and other characters on a keyboard. But when a file is inside a folder, or a folder is inside another folder, the / character shows the relationship between them.

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