What version is Terraria on iOS?

Platform Date of last update Current version
iOS December 1, 2020 (Build 537)
Android (Google Play) December 4, 2020 (Build 543)
Android (Amazon) December 2, 2020 (Build 537)
Stadia March 18, 2021 (Build 598)

Is Terraria 1.4 out on iOS?

There has always been a lot of improvements on iOS and Android Terraria every since its release. Now Terraria 1.4 finally went live on both these platforms worldwide from October 20, 2020.

Is Terraria 1.3 coming to mobile?

Terraria on Twitter: “Mobile 1.3 release date is August 27, 2019!

When did Terraria 1.2 come out on mobile?

It was released for iOS on August 29, 2013, and for Android on September 13, 2013. The Windows Phone version was released on September 12, 2014. In October 2013, Re-Logic released version 1.2 for Terraria on Windows. The update added a host of new mechanics, gameplay changes, and graphics adjustments.

Is Terraria 1.4 last update?

Today, Re-Logic launched Terraria 1.4. 1, and it is the last content update for the game. … A brief trailer created by Re-Logic shows what they look like in all their pixelated glory. The update also adds another NPC character for towns.

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Is mobile Terraria getting 1.4 1?

With the announcement of the 1.4. 1 update on Twitter, one user asked, “What about terraria mobile!?” to which the official Terraria account replied “Mobile 1.4 will come out later this month :)”. … You can download Terraria from the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android.

What did Terraria 1.4 add?

Major Features. Added Journey Mode, a brand new world and character difficulty mode that offers unprecedented control over the way you play. Features unique powers such as item duplication, weather control, spawn rate and difficulty sliders, and more.

Is Terraria worth buying 2020?

Terraria is an amazing game that’s adored by millions of players, so it’s definitely worth playing.

Does Terraria Crossplay 2020?

The short answer to the question is no, Terraria isn’t cross-platform. You will have to play on your own console or computer if you want that version of the game. If you’re wondering why Terraria isn’t cross-platform, the answer is because it has been designed with a focus on console gameplay.

Is it worth buying Terraria on mobile?

, Amateur expert at all things Android. The full version of Terraria is worth the money, it has the full game. Tutorial world has the bare minimum. If you want to play on the tutorial world for some reason, the full version has that option built in.

What’s the fastest mount in Terraria?


Mount Item Speed (mph)
Unicorn Internal Mount ID: 10 Blessed Apple 61
Pigron Internal Mount ID: 2 Scaly Truffle 46
Winged Slime Internal Mount ID: 50 Gelatinous Pillion 33 (Ground) 56 (Ascent Vertical) 102 (Falling) 34 (Hovering vertical) 58 (Aerial Horizontal)
Rudolph Internal Mount ID: 0 Reindeer Bells 61
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How can I play older versions of Terraria 2021?

Start Terraria via Steam, it should open the GameLauncher. In there, you can use the “Downgrade Patches” option at the top to download whatever patch you want. It will then show up in the list and you can simply Launch the Game in the downgraded version.

What did Terraria 1.2 add?

On April 17, Terraria will receive a “massive and free” update on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Vita. Update 1.2 makes numerous tweaks to the console version and adds plenty of fresh content, including four new bosses, additional NPCs, new pets, and “over 1,000 new items.”

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