How do you add a picture to a shortcut iOS 14?

Tap Add to Home Screen and tap the icon next to your shortcut under Home Screen Name and Icon. In the pop-up window that appears, select File, Photo, or Take Photo. You can crop an image to customize what will show, but happily, the image needn’t be square or a specific size. Tap Add > Done.

Is it possible to run a shortcut without it opening the shortcut app iOS 14?

A shortcut named “Icon Themer” makes it possible to bypass Shortcuts when opening customized app icons in iOS 14.

Why is add to Home Screen not an option?

If you do not see the “Add to Home Screen” option after you have opened the Mobile Gallery App installation link, you are most likely viewing from an unsupported browser (i.e. using the Gmail app on an iOS device, or the Twitter app from an Android device).

Is it possible to run a shortcut without it opening the shortcut app?

We’ll be happy to help. You can run shortcuts with Siri and this will avoid having to open the Shortcuts app. You can also add or run a shortcut from the Home Screen of your iPhone.

How do you create a shortcut app on iOS 14?

Press and hold an application on the home screen and click on edit home screen when the pop up appears. Applications should start jiggling and the user needs to click on a ‘+’ sign on the top right-hand corner to add a widget. Scroll for the shortcuts widget and select that. Click on done to stop adding widgets.

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