How do I submit iOS app for beta testing?

How do I send my iPhone apps to beta testers?

Using email to invite testers

If you know a tester’s email address, you can email them an invitation with a link to install your app and start testing. If you have an existing set of external testers or specific people you’d like to invite to test, email can be an effective way to share beta versions of your app.

How do I submit a beta app review?

5. Beta test the app

  1. Create an iTunes Connect record for the app if it’s a new app.
  2. Upload a build for the app.
  3. Add “App Description” and “What to Test” to the build. …
  4. Distribute the app to internal testers.
  5. Submit the app for Beta App Review and distribute it to External users.
  6. Get feedback from your testers.

How can I send an iOS app to someone to test?

Distributing Your App for Beta Testing and Releases

  1. Combine Multiplatform Apps in a Project or Purchase. …
  2. Join the Apple Developer Program. …
  3. Create an Archive of Your App. …
  4. Choose a Distribution Method and Options. …
  5. Distribute a Beta Version. …
  6. Publish on the App Store. …
  7. Distribute Outside of the App Store. …
  8. Distribute Business Apps.
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How do I submit an app to TestFlight?

Submit to TestFlight

  1. Click “My Apps” and select your app from the list.
  2. Click the TestFlight tab and choose either Internal Testing (App Store Connect team members) or External Testing (anyone can test, but Apple has to do a review of your app first).
  3. Select the build that was just uploaded and Save.

How do I distribute iOS apps without app Store?

Apple offer two solutions for this:

  1. Apple Developer Enterprise Program, This allows you to distribute your app as a URL via your internal site or web server.
  2. Volume Purchase Program for enterprises, This allows you to distribute apps via a URL to managed devices within your organisation.

How can I test my iPhone apps without iPhone?

If you don’t have the source code for the app, you can’t run it without an iPhone or iPod touch. The iPhone Simulator (included with the SDK) won’t be of any help, because it only runs apps that are compiled for Intel (your Mac).

How long does beta testing usually take?

You could also be up against deadlines that force a shorter beta period, which makes a great plan that much more critical to the success of your beta. We generally recommend tests that are no shorter than two weeks and no longer than twelve, with most beta tests having between four and eight weeks of test time.

How do I get beta apps on TestFlight?

Two steps to becoming an iOS Beta Tester

  1. Install TestFlight from the App Store. If you haven’t already, install the TestFlight app. All updates come through TestFlight. …
  2. Join Current Beta. With TestFlight is installed, open this link on your mobile device to get join & install the most recent version of Snapchat Beta.
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Does Apple have one distribution certificate?

You can only have one distribution certificate. It unites a public key, known to Apple, with a private key, which lives in the keychain of some computer. If this distribution certificate was created on another computer, then the private key is on the keychain of that computer.

How do I install Testflight app on iPhone?

Installing and Testing Beta Apps

  1. Installation. …
  2. Installing a Beta iOS App via Email or Public Link Invitation. …
  3. Installing a Beta tvOS App via Email Invitation.
  4. Installing a Beta tvOS App via Public Link Invitation. …
  5. Installing a Beta watchOS App via Email or Public Link Invitation. …
  6. Testing.

How do I distribute iOS app ad hoc?

To use ad hoc distribution, create an archive of your app, or have a teammate send you an iOS App Store Package ( . ipa ) of the archived app. You distribute your app by providing the . ipa file for users to install on their devices.

How do I deploy an app to the app store?

How to submit your app to the App Store

  1. Sign up for the Apple Developer Program.
  2. Prepare your app for submission.
  3. Create your App Store listing via App Store Connect.
  4. Make your App Store screenshots.
  5. Upload your app to App Store connect using Xcode.
  6. Submit your app for review.

How do you distribute an app?

Distributing your apps by email

A quick and easy way to release your apps is to send them to users by email. To do this, you prepare the app for release, attach it to an email, and send it to a user.

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How do I develop an app?

Follow these steps to create your own app:

  1. Choose your app name.
  2. Select a color scheme.
  3. Customize your app design.
  4. Choose the right test device.
  5. Install the app on your device.
  6. Add the features you want (Key Section)
  7. Test, test, and test before the launch.
  8. Publish your app.
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