How do I make my iOS device supervised?

Click “Enrollments” under the Devices heading. Under the “Create Enrollment” dropdown, select “Automated Enrollment (DEP)” If you haven’t already, follow the instructions to pair SimpleMDM with your Apple Business Manager account. Once paired, make sure “Place device in Supervised mode” is checked and click “Save”

How do I put my iOS device in supervised mode?

How to set your iPad into “Supervised Mode”

  1. Download the latest version of Apple Configurator 2 from the App Store.
  2. Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable and select Trust when prompted on your iPad.
  3. Turn off Find My iPad (Settings → Apple ID → iCloud).
  4. Select Prepare icon on Apple Configurator 2.

What is supervised mode in iOS?

Supervised mode gives greater control over iOS devices owned by a company and enables additional device configurations and features. By default, iOS devices are not supervised but the Supervised mode can be set up to a new device using Apple DEP or Apple Configurator.

How do I know if my iOS device is supervised?

You can find out if your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is supervised by looking at the Settings for your device. The Supervision message is found at the top of the main Settings page.

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How do you make a device supervised in Apple Configurator 2?

The Prepare Assistant appears. Select Manual Configuration, then choose any of the following options: Add the devices to Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager, and choose whether to activate the device and complete the enrollment. Designate an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV device as a supervised device.

Why doesn’t my iPhone have profiles and Device Management?

If it is personal iPhone you will not see this. If you want to see what features your administrator has modified from the default iOS settings, you’ll need to check your settings. Tap Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management. If there is a profile installed, tap on it to see what type of changes are made.

How do you Unsupervise a supervised iPhone?

How to disable supervision on an iPhone or iPad?

  1. Go to Enrollment > Apple DEP page on Miradore.
  2. Select the device(s) you want to unsupervise and use the Actions > Remove enrollment profile.

What is the purpose of MDM?

Mobile device management (MDM) is security software that enables IT departments to implement policies that secure, monitor, and manage end-user mobile devices. This not only includes smartphones, but can extend to tablets, laptops, and even IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

What can MDM see iOS?

Once users are enrolled in MDM, employees can easily view in Settings which apps, books, and accounts are being managed and which restrictions have been implemented. All enterprise settings, accounts, and content installed by MDM are flagged by iOS as “managed.”

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How do I know if my iPhone has MDM?

Look for an unknown MDM profile on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management. If you don’t see this option in Settings, your device doesn’t have any profiles installed.

Can you wipe a supervised iPad?

If the device is unsupervised, you can erase and restore it. In Apple Configurator 2 , select one or more devices you want to erase or one or more Blueprints. … Control-click the selected devices or Blueprints, and choose Advanced > Erase All Content and Settings.

How do I get rid of supervised on iPad?

Note: if the device has Supervised Mode enabled and you would like to disable it, you will need to erase the device even after removing it from MDM.

Via SimpleMDM:

  1. Click the device name.
  2. Click ‘Actions’.
  3. Select ‘Remove’. This will send a command to the device instructing it to delete the MDM profile.
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