How do I change accounts on clash Royale iOS?

How do I change accounts on Clash Royale?

Go to Settings ~> Game Center ~> Tap on your Game Center ID and choose Sign Out. After Signing Out from your current account, enter ID and Password of your second account in order to play the second Clash Royale account.

How do I delete my Clash Royale account on iOS?

As per Supercell’s own support page, you can’t delete your account. Players can’t delete their game accounts. The game servers have no access to any personal or private information about players, and no sensitive information is ever stored by Supercell.

How do you make a new account on clash Royale after being banned?

BUT BUT BUT. If you want, you can make a new account for clash of clans. Go to help and support in settings. Once you click on it, to to “Contact us” and then you can speak with one of the SUPERCELL employees about your banned account.

Can you reset your Clash Royale account?

You just need to go into application settings and then browse to Clash Royale. From the app storage options, you will click on the ‘Clear App Data” and that will remove all your progress from the game. … Clash Royale will load the progress of that new account and your game will restart.

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Can you have two Clash Royale accounts on the same device?

You do not need to install some 3rd party applications to have multiple clash royale accounts on one device. The only thing you need is multiple Google accounts signed in to your device. After having multiple Google accounts in your device.

How do I reset my Clash Royale iOS?

The best thing is to reset is Firstly Disconnect your account if it is connected to Supercell or Google Play games. Then what you have to do is go to settings in your Apps in mobile settings then tap on clear data then restart game and your account will start from Training Camp.

How do I delete my 2021 account on clash Royale?

When you have come to the “Clash Royale Support” Page, click on “Account”.

  1. At Clash Royale Support > Account. …
  2. Clash Royale Support Live Chat. …
  3. Afterwards, at the “Select a Response”, choose “Continue” if you still wish to delete your Clash Royale account.

How do I permanently delete clash Royale?

, If its on Android , I have used it.

  1. Go to Setting box.
  2. Click Help and support.
  3. Click Contact Us on the top right center.
  4. Say you want to delete the account. They will ask you to confirm that you want to delete your account permanently.
  5. Just remember your Supercell ID.

How do I transfer my clash Royale account to 2020?

On Android simply start Clash Royale on the new device and tap the gear-shaped settings button near the top right of the screen.


  1. Open Clash Royale on both an Android or iOS devices (original device and target device).
  2. Select the Gear-shaped settings button on both devices.
  3. Press the ‘Link a device’ button.
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How do you make another Apple ID?

Create an Apple ID using the App Store on your device

  1. Open the App Store and tap the sign-in button .
  2. Tap Create New Apple ID. …
  3. Follow the onscreen steps. …
  4. Enter your credit card and billing information, then tap Next. …
  5. Confirm your phone number.
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